HC Deb 25 November 1908 vol 197 c382

To ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland whether he is aware that so far back as April, 1904, Mr. C. G. Crean, of Ballyhaunis, county Mayo, endeavoured to avail himself of Section 2 of the Land Purchase Act, 1891, to redeem his purchase annuity in stock, but was informed by the Irish Land Commission that he could not do so for want of rules under the section; have any rules yet been made, and can a tenant purchaser redeem his annuity in the beneficial way provided by the section; and can he now have the benefit of the section for payment of one-half of his instalments.

(Answered by Mr. Birrell.) The facts are as stated in the first part of the Question. I understand that no rules have been made under the section referred to, but a tenant purchaser under the earlier Land Acts can redeem his annuity in stock, though not through the Post Office, and for this purpose no rules are necessary. The Answer to the last part of the Question is in the negative. For a full explanation of the matter I would refer the hon. Member to the reply given by my hon. friend the Secretary to the Treasury to a Question asked by the hon. Member for Carlow on 9th July, 1907.