HC Deb 25 May 1908 vol 189 cc735-6
SIR SEYMOUR KING (Hull, Central)

To ask the Under-Secretary of State for India whether in all Indian Army regulations from 1861 to 1895 it was categorically stated that promotion in the Staff Corps was to be governed by length of service and that officers after twenty-six years service, of which eight had been in the Staff Corps, were to become lieutenant-colonels; whether officers who entered the Staff Corps under those regulations are entitled to have them carried out; whether the provisions of the Royal Warrant of 16th January, 1861, which state that officers of the Staff Corps are eligible for either military or civil employ, apply to officers of the Indian Army at the present time; and whether officers of the Indian Army under the rank of major-general who are not considered fitted for the command of a native regiment, but who are considered fitted for extra-regimental or civil employment, may, under the terms of G.G.O. 826, of 1861, be placed on general duty till an opportunity for their further employment offers.

(Answered by Mr. Buchanan.) Promotion in the Staff Corps was given after fixed periods of service till 1904. In 1904 the conditions of promotion were altered, as stated in my Answer to the hon. Member's Question of 7th May, and the altered conditions were applied to officers then in the service, in exercise of the power given by Royal Warrant to the Secretary of State in Council. Officers of the Indian Army are still eligible for civil employ, provided they are properly qualified. G.G.O. of 1861 provided for the removal, on half-pay or pension, of officers unfit for employment, and for the re-employment of officers who, having become unemployed, were perfectly fit for employment. These provisions could give no title to further employment in the case of an officer found unfit for regimental command.