HC Deb 25 March 1908 vol 186 cc1400-1
MR. VERNEY (Buckinghamshire, N.)

To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department whether he is aware that in some counties a considerable number of houses are being sent up to the compensation authority, and that the funds available for compensation from balances and this year's levy will probably be insufficient for compensating all the houses whose licences would not be renewed; and whether, in view of the provisions contained in Clause 44 of the Licensing Bill, his consent will be granted to raising a loan under the powers given to a local authority under the Licencing Act of 1904.

(Answered by Mr. Secretary Gladstone.) I have no actual information to the effect of the first part of the Question, but it is probable that in the current year, as in past years, renewal authorities will in some cases be found to have referred more licences to the compensation authorities than those authorities would, if they refused renewal in all cases, be able to pay for out of current revenue. It is to be observed that, under Section 3 (5) of the Act of 1904, the compensation authorities are to have regard, in the exercise of their powers, to the funds available for the purpose. As regards the latter part of the Question, the Answer must depend to a great extent upon the facts of any particular case which may be submitted to me; but, speaking generally, I do not think that I should be justified in granting sanction to loans which would have the effect of charging the compensation levies for future years with awards of compensation made on a scale which it is one of the objects of the Licensing Bill to replace by a less extravagant scale.