HC Deb 22 July 1908 vol 193 cc67-8
VISCOUNT HELMSLEY (Yorkshire, N.R., Thirsk)

To ask the Under-Secretary of State for the Colonies if he will state on what grounds the Report of the Board appointed on 24th March to consider the terms under which labour should be recruited by the Government and to inquire into the conditions of the labour supply, has not been published with the other correspondence relating to affairs in the East African Protectorate; and whether he will present the Paper to Parliament as soon as possible, seeing that it has a direct bearing on the Papers already presented.

(Answered by Colonel Seely.) The Report in question was not included in the Papers recently presented to Presented to Parliament because it was only received on 12th June, and as stated in the last paragraph of Lord Crewe's dispatch of that date, his Lordship wished to take time to consider the questions connected with the employment of native labourers. It will be included among other Papers which will be presented to Parliament as soon as possible.