HC Deb 14 July 1908 vol 192 cc598-9
*CAPTAIN FABER (Hampshire, Andover)

I beg to ask the Secretary of State for War if he will state whether he can in any way improve the position of brigade-majors in the Army, seeing that they are to get the same pay as formerly for arranging a week in camp, and no regimental pay, but are to receive allowances of their rank in camp and an additional £50 for rent, clerical assistance, stationery, and postage, by which they are out of pocket unless their office is in their own house.


The hon. and gallant Member, who is presumably alluding to the Territorial Force, appears to have lost sight of the fact that whereas previously brigade-majors received £100 a year, with £25 for stationery, office expenses, etc., and travelling expenses, they now receive in addition to the above £25 more for stationary, office expenses, etc., acting staff pay and allowance at camp, and their horse is provided and foraged at camp and conveyed where necessary at the public expense. It is intended that their office shall be in their own house as it has been in very many cases in the past. It is not, therefore, proposed to grant them any further additional emoluments.