HC Deb 14 July 1908 vol 192 c599

I beg to ask the Secretary of State for War whether he is aware that the solemnisation of matrimony cannot be performed in unconsecrated military chapels without a special licence; whether there are instances in which licences to marry have been granted to unconsecrated civil chapels; and, if so, whether there is any ecclesiastical, legal, or military obstacle to granting licences to marry to all military chapels which are unconsecrated; and, if so, what are those obstacles.


The reply to the first part of the Question is in the affirmative. The rest of the Question raises problems which fortuately do not fall within the sphere of the Secretary of State for War. The military authorities do not regard with unfavourable eyes the celebration of marriage. For the difficulties to which the noble Lord refers he must reproach, first, the ecclesiastical and, secondly, the legal authorities.


If the ecclesiastical authorities give their consent, will the right hon. Gentleman concur?


I should raise no difficulty of any sort or kind if there were no trouble with the Estimates.