HC Deb 03 February 1908 vol 183 c520

I beg to ask the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs if there are any outstanding cases with regard to compensation for damage or loss incurred by British ships during the Russo-Japanese War.


My right hon. friend regrets to state that most of these cases are still outstanding. Though His Majesty's Government have repeatedly called attention to the case of the "Knight Commander," and pressed for a reply to their proposal that the matter should be referred to arbitration, no answer has—down to the present time—been received from the Russian Government. His Majesty's Government are also awaiting replies to communications they have addressed to the Imperial Government in regard to the case of the "Calchas," and the claims arising in connection with the detention of the Peninsular and Oriental Steamer "Malacca" in the Red Sea. The cases of the "Hipsang," "St. Kilda," "Ikhona," and "Oldhamia" are still pending in various stages, before the Russian Prize Courts.


Do I understand our Government is pressing for compensation or damages in the case of the "Malacca"?


No Sir. What our Government has done is to put forward the claims which have been made in respect of the detention of the "Malacca" in the Red Sea.