HC Deb 17 December 1908 vol 198 c2072

To ask Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer whether the arrangements for the amalgamation of the Excise and Customs Departments are yet completed, and when that amalgamation will come, into force; whether there will be any reduction of the numbers of the outdoor staff of either Department subsequent to the amalgamation; and can an opportunity be given, before the details of the amalgamation are finally settled, to the outdoor officers to make representations to him by deputation.

(Answered by Mr. Lloyd-George.) No Order has yet been issued by His Majesty in Council transferring (in the manner indicated in Section 4 of the Finance Act, 1908) the management of Excise duties from the Commissioners of Inland Revenue to the Commissioners of Customs. The time for the final settlement of the details of amalgamation has not yet arrived, and I am not at present prepared to discuss them. I shall, however, be happy to consider any statement which the officers to whom the hon. Member refers may wish to lay before me, but I think the best course will be for such statement to be communicated to me in the first instance by letter.