HC Deb 03 December 1908 vol 197 c1640

To ask the Secretary of State for War who were the expert officers of the Regular and Territorial Forces who are stated, in paragraph 8 of Circular Memorandum, No. 111 of 13th November, 1908, to have brought out the new musketry course and instructions after much careful consideration.

(Answered by Mr. Secretary Haldane.) The Committee on the musketry training of the Territorial Force was composed as follows: Lieutenant-General Mackinnon (Chairman); Brigadier-General Murray (Director of Military Training); Colonel Egerton (Commandant School of Musketry); Colonel Cotton Jodrell; Colonels Fremantle and Wilson, and Major Gosling, representing the Territorial Force; Majors Shute H. C. Hill, and Kirwan, with Captain T. H. Davidson as Secretary.