HC Deb 29 May 1907 vol 174 cc1643-5
MR. BRIDGEMAN (Shropshire, Oswestry)

I beg to ask the President of the Board of Education whether the Board on 1st May decided to discontinue the grant to Salterhebble Church of England school at the close of this month; on what grounds the decision was made; what information on the subject has come into the possession of the Board since the 24th February last, when the Board wrote to the local education authority desiring that authority to reconsider its proposal to discontinue the maintenance of the school; if the Board have received any communication from the parents of children attending the school; and, if so, what is the nature of that communication.


I presume the hon. Member refers to the Halifax All Saints Church of England school. The Board intimated in September, 1903, that the premises of this school could only be recognised temporarily. In January last the local education authority informed the Board that as there was no sign of a now building being commenced, they proposed to discontinue maintenance. The Board suggested that as the managers now proposed to begin rebuilding the local education authority should reconsider their decision. The authority stated that in view of the fact that the existing building was unsafe and unhealthy they were not prepared to adopt this suggestion, and after consideration of a further report from their inspectors as to the condition of the premises the Board intimated that they would not interfere. I have received a petition from parents desiring the continuation of the school, but I cannot see my way to modify my previous decision.


asked whether the delay in building these schools was originally due to alterations demanded by the corporation of Halifax and not to the managers, who had done all they could to hurry on the building of the schools.

MR. CARLILE (Hertfordshire, St. Albans)

inquired whether the right hon. Gentleman could say what distance the children attending the council school had to go, and whether it was not a fact that the council school was 100 feet below the level of the parish.


I must have notice of both these Questions. In regard to that of the hon. Member for Oswestry, I must point out that the first notice was given to the managers in September, 1903, and as we are now in the month of May, 1907, it does not matter what the action of the council was, but certainly ample time was given to the managers.


wished to know what had occurred since February last to make the Board of Education alter their policy.


The Board sent down an inspector, and on his Report they decided not to over-rule the decision of the local authority.

LORD BALCABRES (Lancashire, Chorley)

Has the inspector reported that the school is both dangerous and in sanitary?


That the building was dangerous and unhealthy.