HC Deb 22 March 1907 vol 171 c1294

To ask the President of the Local Government Board if his attention has been called to the statement made by Professor McCall that the milk from a cow suffering from tubercular mammitis should on no account be used for human food, or that such an animal should be destroyed or fattened for the butcher; and whether he will take such action as will prevent such animals being fattened for the butcher to the danger of the public.

(Answered by Mr. John Burns.) I have not seen the statement referred to. The report made in 1898 by the Royal Commission on Tuberculosis, presided over by Sir Herbert Maxwell, contained a statement of the principles upon which they considered that meat inspectors should act in dealing with the carcases of animals affected with tuberculosis, and the Local Government Board have, more than once, brought the views of the Commissioners under the notice of local authorities. The Royal Commission, however, did not go so far as to recommend action of the kind referred to in the last part of the Question. A further Royal Commission is now considering the transmission of tuberculosis from animals to man, and I should expect guidance from them as to the course which should be taken with regard to the meat of animals affected by the disease. Meanwhile, I could not undertake to promote the legislation which would be necesary to give effect to the suggestion of the hon. Member.