HC Deb 21 March 1907 vol 171 cc841-2
MR. MYER (Lambeth, N.)

I beg to ask the Secretary for War whether the Army rate of pay, mentioned in the Territorial and Reserve Forces Bill, includes any extra allowances beyond that now given to soldiers for messing and service pay; if he can state the total amount to be paid per day whilst in camp for pay and allowances to a single man and a married man respectively; and if any deductions are to be made for messing or other charges.


The intention is that all ranks in the Territorial Army shall draw Army rates of pay without deduction. A sergeant of infantry will thus receive 2s. 4d. a day, a corporal 1s. 8d. and a private 1s.; in other arms the rates are higher. In addition every man will draw the messing allowance of 3d. a day so long as a grocery ration is not issued free, and the families of non-commissioned officers will draw separation allowance. Proficiency pay which takes the place of service pay cannot be obtained by the regular soldier unless he has two years colour service and is on a "long" engagement; the terms of service in the Territorial Army accordingly will not qualify a man to receive this pay.

SIR HOWARD VINCENT (Sheffield, Central)

asked why the separation allowance was only to be granted to non-commissioned officers, and not to corporals, lance-corporals, and privates.


was understood to say the non-commissioned officers were out for a longer time and required more allowance.


Oh no, not all.


asked whether the Territorial Army when in camp would receive any compensation for loss of wages.


They receive the Army rates of pay; that is the only compensation we can give them.