HC Deb 31 July 1907 vol 179 cc977-8

asked the Speaker whether a breach of privilege was not committed on the previous day, when the House of Lords expressed concurrence in a money grant to Lord Cromer before the matter had been discussed in the House of Commons. Must not all Money Bills originate in the House of Commons?


I do not understand that any Money Bill has been introduced or even contemplated in the House of Lords. I have no authority or control over the proceedings of the other House. I notice in the journal of the proceedings of the House of Lords that the House passed an Address expressing thanks to His Majesty and concurrence. I do not see that that gives me any locus standi or this House any cause of complaint.


The House of Lords concurred in a Resolution which had not been passed by this House.


I beg the hon. Member's pardon. The House of Lords' Journal says, "His Majesty's most gracious message of Wednesday last considered, according to order, a humble Address of thanks and concurrence ordered nemine contradicente to be presented to his Majesty thereupon." I do not see that is any breach of our privileges.


The Resolution passed was one savouring of a money transaction, and I submit with great respect it was a breach of privilege. Every money grant has been initiated by this House since 1678, but in this case the Resolution was passed first in the House of Lords. The Peers surely cannot con cur in a Resolution which has not been passed.


I am quite clear that no breach of privilege has been committed, and if we were to attempt to insist on a non-existent right we should only make ourselves ridiculous.


As the Lords have done.