HC Deb 10 July 1907 vol 177 cc1599-600
MR. A. DEWAR (Edinburgh, S.)

I beg to ask the Secretary of State for War whether the recent military manœuvres in Scotland have been completed with advantage to the Army and without damage to the land where the operations were carried on; whether he is now satisfied that there are large areas of land in Scotland peculiarly suitable for cavalry training; and whether he will consider the advisability of providing such barrack accommodation as will enable him to quarter one or more cavalry regiments in Scotland, including the Scots Greys.


The recent manœuvres in Scotland have, I think, proved a real success and have resulted in substantial advantage to the military training of the Army, and particularly of the Cavalry and Yeomanry. I believe that no substantial damage has been done to any part of the extensive areas which were generously and freely placed at the disposal of the military authorities by owners and occupiers alike. For manœuvres of this somewhat novel class it is clear that there are large areas available, not only in Scotland, but in other parts of the United Kingdom, provided that the same public spirit that prevails in Scotland is displayed and equally generous invitations are given. The question of providing barrack accommodation of course turns on great questions of cavalry policy which are now being worked out. In saying that the circumstances of the recent manœuvres have but little bearing on these, I do not desire to be understood as casting doubt on the desirability of providing the cavalry accommodation in Scotland at the proper time.

*MR. McCRAE (Edinburgh, E.)

Did not the right hon. Gentleman undertake to make provision for cavalry barracks in Scotland?


At the proper time.

MR. YOUNGER (Ayr Burghs)

Having regard to the compliment which Mr. Haldane has paid to the Yeomanry, will he reconsider the question of reducing their pay?


I think the hon. Member has not read the discussion which took place in another place. We have met the Yeomanry most satisfactorily.