HC Deb 19 February 1907 vol 169 cc692-3

To ask the Postmaster General whether he will consider the advisability of making arrangements whereby the Scottish mail for Enniskillen should arrive there earlier than 11.25 a.m.; and whether, seeing that the mail arrives in Belfast at 5 a.m. and is despatched for Enniskillen at 7.30, he is aware that if the mail was sent via Armagh and Clones it could catch at Clones the early mail train from Dublin, and so reach Enniskillen much earlier.


To ask the Postmaster-General if he is aware that Scottish letters for Enniskillen arrive there at 11.25 a.m. and are not delivered in the town till between 2.30 and 3 o'clock p.m.; can he say why the town people of Enniskillen are not allowed to get the Scottish letters at the post office by calling for them without payment of one guinea a year, while residents in the adjoining country can get them without charge if they call; and will he either remove the charge to the town people or make arrangements to have the letters delivered earlier.

(Answered by Mr. Sydney Buxton.) This mail is already sent to Enniskillen by way of Armagh and Clones, and I regret to say that, without a rearrangement of the train service throughout from Belfast, it is not practicable to effect an earlier arrival of the mail at Enniskillen. As regards the delivery at Enniskillen, I am sorry to find that, owing to a misapprehension, the delivery to callers was discontinued for a few weeks; but it has now, I understand, been resumed.