HC Deb 27 August 1907 vol 182 c387

To ask the Secretary for Scotland if he can say what are approximately the number of persons employed in Shetland in connection with the whaling industry and the herring fishing industry, respectively.

(Answered by Mr. Sinclair.) I understand that the number of persons employed in the whaling industry in Shetland is approximately 308, consisting of ninety-six foreigners aboard vessels and 137 foreigners and seventy-five local labourers ashore. The number employed in connection with the herring industry fluctuates so greatly throughout the season that it is impossible to give any reliable figure. Last year the greatest number employed at one time was 20,186, comprising fishermen, curers, coopers, gutters and packers, and general labourers; a large majority of these belonged to other districts in Scotland and were at Shetland temporarily for herring fishing.