HC Deb 27 August 1907 vol 182 cc404-6
SIR WILLIAM ANSON (Oxford University)

I beg to ask the President of the Board of Education why the overcrowding of the Garforth parochial school cannot be met by the transference of those children to the council school who, in the opinion of the managers of the parochial school, can be most conveniently transferred; whether there was in fact any risk of overcrowding after October 1st; on what grounds the Board have decided that the children in Standards III. and IV. should be removed to the council school; whether he considers it educationally desirable that the voluntary school should consist of the highest and lowest standards only; and whether the direction of the Board is given under Section 7 (3) of the Education Act, 1902, or under Article 53 of the Code.


As the Garforth council school is a school for older scholars only, it was necessary that the children selected for transference should be the older children who could be conveniently taught in the council school. As the total number of scholars on the books of the parochial schools for the month of June was 414, and the recognised accommodation is 352, I presume that if some re-organisation did not take place there would certainly be overcrowding, if not on the 1st October, at any rate for a considerable part of the school year. The Board have decided that Standards I. to III. only are to be continued in the mixed department of the parochial school, the children above Standard III. being taught in the council school. The voluntary school will not, therefore, consist of the highest and lowest standards only, as the hon. Baronet suggests. The Board are proceeding in this case under both of the provisions referred to by the hon. Baronet.


asked what power the Board of Education had to override the right of parents to send their children to what school they pleased so long as there was sufficient accommodation.


The Board are proceeding under Section 7 (3) of the Education Act of 1902, and also under the Code.


asked if it was not proposed to transfer to the council school many more children than were required to reduce the attendance in the parochial school to the recognised accommodation.


said an alteration of the buildings would be required to convert the school into an infant and junior school, and additional accommodation would be provided for the infants.