HC Deb 07 August 1907 vol 180 cc59-60

To ask the Secretary to the Treasury whether it has been decided to transfer a chief examiner of thirty-two years service from the Colonial Audit Branch in London to the local auditorship of Cyprus, in order to bring back to London the present local auditor in Cyprus at his Colonial rate of about £500 per annum; and, if so, seeing that this local auditor has only ten years service and has never passed a Civil Service examination for his position, and that his transfer back to London would mean his passing over the heads of men with three times his service, who obtained their positions through passing Civil Service examinations, will he explain why this step is to be taken.

(Answered by Mr Runciman.) I understand that no such step is in contemplation, but that, if it were, the consequences would not be as indicated in the Question.