HC Deb 29 November 1906 vol 166 c315
MR. DELANY (Queen's County, Ossory)

I beg to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland whether a claim for re-instatement has been lodged with the Estates Commissioners by Bernard Dunphy, who was evicted in 1882 from a holding on the estate of Henry Cornelius, Rosna, Clonan, Coolrain, Mountrath, Queen's County; whether he is aware that the farm remained on the landlord's hands and was let by the eleven months for grazing purposes until recently, and is now taken possession of by a daughter of the landlord, who has applied to the Board of Works for a loan to build a dwelling-house; and, seeing that the evicted tenant is still living and has four sons and one daughter depending upon him, can he say what action the Estates Commissioners are going to take in this case, or whether the Board of Works is prepared to advance the loan.


The Estates Commissioners inform me that an application for re-instatement has been received from Bernard Dunphy. They have inquired into the matter and have learnt that the owners, having no other place to live in, now reside on the farm from which Dunphy was evicted, and will not consent to reinstate the evicted tenant. Dunphy's name, however, has been placed on the Commissioners' register of applicants as being a suitable person to work land, and his case will receive consideration in the event of the Commissioners acquiring untenanted land in the district. I am informed by the Board of Works that an application was made to them by Anna W. Cornelius and others for a loan of £200 for the erection of a dwelling upon the farm in question. The applicants have now deferred the matter till next spring, and the Board, therefore, have not yet considered whether the case is a suitable one for a loan.