HC Deb 27 November 1906 vol 165 cc1429-30
MR. SEDDON (Lancashire, Newton)

I beg to ask the Prime Minister whether he can undertake an inquiry into educa- † See (4) Debates, clxv., 1245. tional endowments which were left explicitly for the clothing of indigent children, and are now being used for higher education contrary to the terms of the original trust.


So far as any such endowments are being used in the manner referred to by the hon. Member without any alteration of the original Trust having been brought about by scheme, the case could probably be stopped by ordinary process of law, on the initiation of anyone in the locality interested in the matter; and only persons in the locality could well be aware of such misapplication of funds. In the majority of cases, however, to which I imagine the hon. Member refers, statutory schemes have probably been made under the Endowed Schools Act for altering the purposes on which the money can be spent. In such cases the present application of the endowments could not be altered unless the Board of Education were given now powers by special legislation for revision of such matters under those Acts. And in these circumstances I do not see that much practical result could accrue from carrying out any such inquiry as is suggested in the Question.

In answer to a further Question,


said he believed there had been a statutory disposition in most cases and that over-ruled the rights of individuals.