HC Deb 27 March 1906 vol 154 cc1079-80
MR. DUFFY (Galway, S.)

I bog to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland if his attention has been called to a letter sent by Mr. Tener, J.P., agent to the Marquis of Clanri-carde, to Mr. Martin Ward, of Loughrea in which he assigns as the reason for the legal proceedings instituted against Mr. Ward for the recovery of his house and premises, that he was a member of the United Irish League; is he aware that a decree for possession was granted during the course of the week; and what steps the Government propose to take in order to safeguard the rights of men such as Mr. Ward.


I have now seen a copy of the letter referred to, and have been informed that a decree for possession was recently granted. Whatever opinion may be entertained as to the propriety of such action as was taken in this case, the Government have no power to interfere, and could only obtain such power by legislation.

MR. JOHN REDMOND (Waterford)

Then we are to understand that Lord Clanricarde's agent did assign this as a reason for evicting Mr. Ward?


The letter has been published, and I think that is the construction to be put on it.