HC Deb 26 March 1906 vol 154 c834
MR. JOHN DEWAR (Inverness)

To ask the Secretary for Scotland if he can state the reason for the delay in completing the road leading to the pier at Petersport, for which a grant has been promised by the Congested Districts Board.

(Answered by Mr. Sinclair.) The Congested Districts Board have given grants for £1,800, and for a further sum of £238, which was made on February 13th, 1905, on the distinct understanding that this is the final grant, and is given on the condition that the statutory road authority shall provide for all the remaining cost of completing the access road. The district clerk wrote on the 5th instant that his committee are surprised the Board has taken no step to resume the work. They were informed on the 8th instant that it is not for the Congested Districts Board but for the statutory road authority to construct the road. The grants given by the Board have been on the most liberal scale, and it rests with the road authority to complete the construction.