HC Deb 30 July 1906 vol 162 cc466-7
MR. ASHLEY (Lancashire, Blackpool)

I beg to ask the President of the Board of Education what is the number of teachers at present on the register; whether it is proposed in the event of the abolition of the register to return their registration foes; and, in that case, what will be the amount to be refunded by the Treasury.


The number of names on Column B on July 27th, 1906, was 5,686 men and 5,763 women, or 11,449 in all. It is impossible to say with any accuracy how many names are supposed to be on Column A of the Register. The Board of Education originally supplied some 80,000 names of Certificated Teachers, from Departmental records, to the Teachers' Registration Council, and have since added some 10,000 more names to their list of Certificated Teachers. But neither the Teachers' Registration Council nor the Board of Education have ever possessed the moans for keeping an accurate list up to date, owing to difficulties in regard to changes of name on marriage and to persons leaving the profession, or dying, without the Board receiving information. There is no registration fee for Column A, but the i fee for Column B is one guinea, so that; I some £12,000 would be refunded.

LORD BALCARRES (Lancashire, Chorley)

Has the right hon. Gentleman any intention of renewing the Register and putting it on a more satisfactory basis?


Yes, Sir, I hope to be able to do so.