HC Deb 11 July 1906 vol 160 cc870-1

On behalf of the hon. Member for Chester, I beg to ask the Under-Secretary of State for the Colonies whether he has yet received the I promised information regarding the riot of the Chinese coolies on the bourse Deep mine on the Witwatersrand.


Lord Selborne has furnished the following account. Shift of 450 men was called upon to go down to the shaft to work until midnight on Saturday, June 16th. They agreed, and fell in at usual time. When some two thirds of the way to the shaft someone raised the cry, " Why should we work on Saturday afternoon? Let us go back and refuse." This was apparently agreed to, and the Chinese police and boss boys who protested were roughly handled. The coolies supplied themselves with stones on the way back to the compound, stoned the controllers and the hospital. Some person so far unknown, appears to have fired a revolver, whereupon the coolies demolished the doors and windows of the controller's house. The white gate guard of the compound closed the gates to the returning coolies, who smashed the windows and doors of the compound office, thereby effecting an entrance. The gate guard was then mauled by the coolies and in self defence fired, injuring several of their number. He was subsequently helped away by Chinese compound coolies. Disturbance then subsided and coolies turned quietly to work. The affair was unpremeditated. None of opposite shift took part. There were nine casualties amongst the coolies, one having his lea; broken by revolver bullet. Ringleaders, nine in number, were arrested and brought up for trial July 4th. Case remanded until July 12th.