HC Deb 04 July 1906 vol 160 cc17-8

To ask the Secretary for Scotland, having regard to the remarks contained on page 56 of the recently issued Report of the Local Government Board for Scotland, relative to the sanitary condition of the Island of Lewis, will he state whether any steps have yet been taken with a view to conform to tin Board's suggestion in regard to the re-organisation of the medical and sanitary staff.

(Answered by Mr. Sinclair.) The subject is under anxious consideration, but I am unable to make any statement in regard to it at present * These are: steam engines, fixed, without boiler; steam engines, semi-fixed, with boiler; hot air, compressed air, gas, and petroleum motors (including rotary motors), all weighing more than 300 kilogs.; hydraulic machinery and water motors; haymaking machinery; fruit and grape presses; spinning machinery; machines and looms for weaving; hosiery looms; knitting machines; refrigerating machines; aerated water machines; paper cutting or perforating machines; brickmaking machines; pneumatic machines for industrial purposes; polishing machines; ventilators with mechanical movements; machines for bleaching and dyeing; machines for the manufacture of alimentary pastes; transmission gearing; machines and apparatus for the manufacture of paper and paper pulp; machines for mills; pumps for liquid manure, with, galvanised pipes.