HC Deb 03 July 1906 vol 159 cc1630-1
MR. NUSSEY (Pontrefact)

I beg to ask the Secretary to the Treasury on what terms Messrs. Clutton are employed by the Woods and Forests Commissioners, and what was their total remuneration in 1903, 1904, and 1905 respectively, from every source in connection with the properties, premises, etc., under the control of the Commissioners.


Messrs. Clutton are appointed receivers of the Crown rents and profits arising within the Southern and Midland Counties of England (other than London and Middlesex), and are entitled to retain a poundage of 3 per cent, in the case of some estates and 4 per cent, in the case of others on the amount of rents, etc., collected by them, except on receipts from farms in hand, † See Col. 1117. for the superintendence of which fixed fees agreed with the Treasury are allowed in lieu of commission. Out of this commission and fees they have to provide their own offices and necessary staff, and pay their own travelling and other expenses. They are also usually employed by the Commissioners of Woods as surveyors in matters arising within the districts for which they are receivers, and in which the services of surveyors are required. For these services they are paid charges and expenses in accordance with a scale sanctioned by the Treasury.

Their total remuneration for the years 1903,1904, and 1905, is as follows, viz.:—

Year. £ s. d.
1903 4,680 12 9
1904 5,109 5 3
1905 4,672 7 9