HC Deb 26 February 1906 vol 152 cc773-4
MR. FIELD (Dublin, St. Patrick)

To ask the First Lord of the Treasury whether he will consider the advisability of introducing a measure to enable the payment of election expenses and a fair salary for attendance to Members of this House, payable from the Treasury; and whether he can state what is the existing practice and what are the payments in the British Colonies.

(Answered by Sir Henry-Campbell Bannerman.) The matter is under the consideration of His Majesty's Government. The existing practice as to such payments in British Colonies is as follows:—Canada—(a) A session of more than thirty days. $2,500 for the session; (b) A session of thirty days or less. $20 for each day's attendance. 4–5 Edw. 7, c. 43, s. 2. Australia—£400 a year. (Imperial Act.) 63 and 64 Vic, c. 12, s. 48. New Zealand—£300 per annum. 4 Edw. 7, c. 24, s. 2. Tasmania—£100 per annum. 54 Vic, c. 20. West Australia—£200 per annum. 64 Vic, c. 32, s. 2. South Australia—£200 per annum. Acts No. 399 of 1887 and No. 476 of 1890. Queensland—£300 per annum. 60 Vic. c. 5, s. 4 (1). New South Wales—£300 per annum. 2 Edw. 7, c. 32, s. 28. Victoria—£300 per annum. Act No. 1,075 of 1890, s. 126. Cape of Good Hope—(a) Members resident within fifteen miles from House of Parliament: One guinea for each day of attendance; (b) More than fifteen miles: One guinea remuneration, and 15s. allowance for personal expenses for every day of absence from home on his Parliamentary duties. Act No. 16 of 1888, ss. 2, 4–5. Natal—£1 daily travelling allowance in the cases of Members who reside three miles or more from the place of assembly. Act No. 2 of 1888, s. 1. See also 19 of 1887 and 14 of 1893, s. 41. Newfoundland—The payments are voted annually. In The Public Service Act, 1905 (c. 23, p. 31) provision is made for $8,300, the salaries of thirty-six members. The Journal of the Assembly for 1902 gives the rates as $300 and $200. The $8,300 is probably made up as follows: eleven Members resident in our parts, at $300, $3,300; twenty-five Members resident in St. John's, at $200, $5,000.