HC Deb 15 May 1905 vol 146 cc261-2

To ask the First Lord of the Treasury whether his attention has been directed to the shifting of motor-bicycle numbers, that the riders might escape in case of an accident, and to the evidence in the case of the King v. Flood, recently tried by the Recorder of Dublin, in which a boy was seriously injured by a motor-bicycle on which there was a fraudulent number; and whether he intends to initiate legislation to regulate defects in the numbering and registration of motors calculated to conduce to the escape of persons whose furious driving causes loss of life or limb.

(Answered by Mr. A. J. Balfour.) The case, so far as appears from the Question, seems fairly covered by Section 5 of the Motor-Car Act of 1903. I am informed that the Department has no information as to the shifting of motor-bicycle numbers generally. The Metropolitan Police have taken action in a considerable number of cases in which various frauds have been perpetrated in the use of motor-car numbers, but they are unable apparently to distinguish which of these, if any, are motor-bicycle cases. The Departments are not of opinion that legislation is desirable, at any rate until the Act comes up for review next session. It expires on December 31st, 1906.