HC Deb 16 March 1905 vol 143 cc189-90
MR. MALCOLM (Suffolk, Stowmarket)

I beg to ask the Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs whether he can inform the House of the extent of the massacre of Armenians by the Russians at Baku.


I presume that the hon. Member refers to the disturbances which broke out on Sunday, February 19th, between the Tartar and Armenian inhabitants of Baku. From a report received from His Majesty's Consul at Ratum it appears that the fighting lasted for four days, during which Armenian houses were burned and pitched battles look place between the two parties. Members of several leading Armenian families were besieged in their houses and put to death, the number thus killed being estimated by some at over 500 and by others at nearly 1,000. The total loss of life is stated to have been nearly 2,000. Order was at last restored by the joint intervention of the Governor and the ecclesiastical authorities of the Mussulman and Armenian communities.