HC Deb 13 March 1905 vol 142 c1214

I beg to ask Mr. Attorney-General for Ireland, will he explain why Sligo, although a maritime county, has hitherto received no grant under the Marine Works Act, or from any other fund; whether he is aware that the necessity for the opening of marine and other works of public utility has been repeatedly urged on the Government by the county council and other local public bodies; and whether, seeing that distress exists in many portions of the county, the Government will now consent to the giving of a grant towards the drainage of the Owenmore, and the erection of piers in Sligo.


The money provided by the Marine Works Act was allocated to works, the selection of which was made according to their relative importance. For this reason it was not found practicable to expend any portion of the money in Sligo. But the hon. Member is in error in stating that no grants have been made to the county from other funds. Free grants amounting to £18,814 have been expended in marine works in this county under the 43 Vic. cap. 14 and the 46 & 47 Vic. cap. 26. In addition, the greater part of the free grant of over £88,000 on the Swinford-Collooney Railway was expended in Sligo. There are no funds at the disposal of Government for undertaking the works mentioned at the end of the Question. The Congested Districts Board, however, has undertaken to construct a small pier at Knocklane at a cost of £300, and the county council have agreed to contribute the sum of £100 towards the work.