HC Deb 28 June 1905 vol 148 cc371-2

I beg to ask the First Lord of the Treasury whether, having regard to the fact that the members of the proposed Royal Commission of inquiry into the circumstances of the Government contracts and refunds in South Africa will be appointed by the Crown on his advice or responsibility and that the proposed inquiry concerns not merely the incriminated officers but the Cabinet in its collective capacity, the House of Commons will be given an opportunity of expressing its confidence or otherwise in the gentlemen whom he intends to recommend to the Crown for appointment as members of this Commission; and whether he will give an. undertaking that he will not propose any gentleman to serve on that Commission who has been the recipient of honours, or has been or is the holder of any office of place or profit under the Crown on the recommendation of any member of the present Cabinet, or who has been or is a Government contractor, or a director of a company having contracts with Government Departments, or a director of any public company of which a member of the present Administration is also a director.


This Question was put down before the Commission was announced. I imagine the hon. Member does not now need an Answer to it.


No, but it is a record of my idea.