HC Deb 05 June 1905 vol 147 c716
MR. KENDAL O'BRIEN (Tipperary, Mid.)

I beg to ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland, with reference to the appointment of Mr. Hornibrook to the office of resident magistrate for the county of Tipperary, and having regard to the fact that he is one of those magistrates who are liable to be called on to administer the Criminal Law and Procedure (Ireland) Act, 1887, will he state what are the qualifications of Mr. Hornibrook for that office; whether he is an Irishman; and, if not, whether he had any personal experience of Ireland in any capacity previous to his appointment; and whether he is liable to dismissal at the will of the Executive.


This appointment was made at the instance of my right hon. friend the late Chief Secretary, who, I have no doubt, was fully satisfied as to Mr. Hornibrook's qualifications. Mr. Hornibrook is an Englishman, and a graduate of Cambridge. He has had upwards of five years continuous official experience in connection, with Ireland, first as private secretary to the Attorney-General for Ireland, and secondly as private secretary to the late Chief Secretary. He holds office under the tenure assigned to resident magistrates by statute, that is to say, during the pleasure of the Lord-Lieutenant.


Are we to understand that in the case of this gentleman no one has satisfied himself of his legal qualifications.


On the contrary, my right hon. friend has satisfied himself.