HC Deb 26 July 1905 vol 150 c341
MR. GROVES (Salford, S.)

To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department if his attention has been called to the case of Frederick Cooper, of Gloucester Street, Salford, who was wrongfully convicted of an indecent assault, at the Salford Sessions, on May 22nd last, and sentenced to three months hard labour, and who was released, after serving seven weeks of this sentence, upon his innocence being established; and whether, under the circumstances of the case, and in view of this man's present condition, it is proposed to offer some recompense and reparation to him.

(Answered by Mr. Secretary Akers-Douglas.) The offence of which Frederick Cooper was actually convicted was a common assault. Information which came to light after the trial, though it did not establish the prisoner's innocence of this charge, modified materially the view which the chairman of quarter sessions took of the case; and, on his recommendation, I advised the remission of the remainder of the sentence; but I am sorry I cannot take the view that the case is one in which I could suggest to the Treasury that a grant should be made from public funds.