HC Deb 25 July 1905 vol 150 c187

I beg to ask the Lord-Advocate whether, in view of the fact that for some time past numerous cottar fishermen and their families have been evicted from houses built by themselves in the Island of Lewis, Ross-shire, and are now living under sails and old fishing boats, can he state if the Local Government Board for Scotland are making any provision for the housing of these homeless families during the coming winter, seeing that the local authorities have already imposed the maximum rate, and are consequently without means to make the necessary provision.


The information I have received does not bear out the assertions on which the hon. Member's Question is based. Several of the families evicted have been reinstated; in other cases the proprietor has offered accommodation at his own expense in Stornoway. In no instance is there any reason why the evicted tenants should be living under sails and old fishing boats if they have elected to do so. There does not seem at present to be any necessity for any special action by the Local Government Board.


I hope an inspector will be sent to verify the statements in my Question. I can vouch for their accuracy.