HC Deb 28 February 1905 vol 141 cc1465-6

To ask the Chief Secretary to the Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland, when were representations first made to the Board of Works with respect to the docks at Galway filling up with sand and rendering access to steamers almost impossible; whether, seeing that complaints have been forwarded by the Limerick Steamship Company that their steamers cannot now enter at times, and in view of the fact that a dredger was promised two years ago, he will say when one will be available for the Galway Docks.

(Answered by Mr. Victor Cavendish.) Representations were first made to the Board of Works in July, 1900, and the Board then offered to hire to the Harbour Commissioners a grabber steam crane and grab. The Commissioners declined the offer. The Board are unaware that any promise was given to lend a dredger, but an application for the hire of the dredger recently acquired was received from the Harbour Commissioners on the 22nd instant, and is now under consideration. Owing to previous applications, however, the dredger will not be available for work at Galway for some time to come.