HC Deb 24 February 1905 vol 141 cc1214-5
SIR HOWARD VINCENT (Sheffield, Central)

To ask the Secretary of State for War if he is aware that the United States of America, with a view to encouraging thrift in the Regular Army, urge non-commissioned officers and privates instead of drawing their pay at short intervals to leave it with the Government, receiving interest thereon at 4 per cent, per annum from the day it is due; and, if so, whether he will consider the advisability of adopting a similar system in the British Army.

(Answered by Mr. Secretary Arnold-Forster.) I am acquainted with the system adopted in the United States Army for the encouragement of thrift among the soldiers. In view, however, of the advantages and general accessibility of the Post Office Savings Bank it does not appear necessary to adopt a system similar to that of the United States Army.