HC Deb 18 May 1904 vol 135 c163
MR. BAYLEY (Derbyshire, Chesterfield)

To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department whether his attention has been called to a case which occurred in the Royal Court of Jersey on Saturday, 7th May, in which a woman of French nationality was sentenced to five years banishment, but, being wanted as a witness in a pending case in England, was ordered to be sent to England instead of to France, Sir W. H. V. Vernon stating that she would be sent to France viâ England; and, if so, will he say what means exist of forcing her to leave England for France, and whether the attention of the authorities of Jersey will be called to the effect of such a sentence of banishment.

(Answered by Mr. Secretary Akers-Douglas.) I have been in communication with the Bailiff of Jersey in regard to this case and am informed that the Court in sentencing her to banishment from Jersey for five years, ordered that steps should be taken for her repatriation viâ England. There are no means of forcing her to leave England, but it is understood that she is quite willing, in due course, to return hence to her own country. The authorities of Jersey are well aware, without further intervention on my part, of the effect of the sentence.