HC Deb 09 May 1904 vol 134 cc777-8

I wish to ask, Mr. Speaker, for your ruling on a question connected with the Motion standing in the name of the President of the Board of Trade, "That the proceedings on the Port of London Bill may be resumed." The Standing Order referring to this Bill is headed, "Special Standing Order fur the Session 1904"—a title which has no authority—and it provides for the carrying over of the Bill from last session to the "next session." The point I wish to raise is one of great importance. If this is a Standing Order, it must remain in force until rescinded by the House; and, therefore, if the Bill does not go through in the present session, it might be carried over until next session. I wish to know if that is your view of the matter.


This is no doubt a Standing Order and I think the heading correctly describes what it is. As to the words "next session," they clearly apply to this particular session. The Standing Order was passed in 1903, and a reference to the Journals of the House would plainly show what session was referred to as "next." It is not an unknown form of Standing Order; and when the operation of such an Order lapses, it is usual to omit it when reprinting the Standing Orders of the House.


Will this Standing Order, even if it is not rescinded by a Motion of this House, lapse with the session?


Yes; it is usual, as I have said, to omit such an Order when reprinting the Standing Orders of the House.

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