HC Deb 25 March 1904 vol 132 cc749-50

To ask the Secretary of State for the Colonies what amount of the £30,000,000 Transvaal Loan has been expended, the main heads of the expenditure, the sum devoted to land settlement, the number of settlers, and their nationality, whether Dutch or British, in the Transvaal and Orange River Colony.

(Answred, by Mr. Secretary Lyttelton.) The figures which I have received from Lord Milner as to expenditure from the Transvaal Loan are as follows: —Expenditure to 31st December. I., A, £1,500,000; B, £2,430,000; C, £1,500,000; II., £11,270,000 (excluding interest); III., £5,810,000; IV., A, £1,770,000; B, £1,740,000; C, £570,000; Total £26,590,000. In the Transvaal the number of British settlers up to 30th June last was 313. In the Orange River Colony between 500 and 600. I am awaiting a Return with the latest figures as to British and Dutch settlers.