HC Deb 03 March 1904 vol 131 cc49-50
CAPTAIN NORTON (Newington, W.)

To ask the Secretary of State for War whether, in view of the Report of Lord Esher's Committee, he will withhold his consent from confirming the appointment of the Acting Director of Army Contracts in succession to Mr. Major, whose appointment expires next month on completing forty years service.

(Answered by Mr. Secretary Arnold-Forster.) The future appointments of the Civil Staff of the War Office will be dealt with by the Army Council after the Report of the Committee has been approved. § Enlistments during South African War excluding Colonial Corps recruits and including recruits enlisted for one year's service or the duration of the war, ex soldiers re enlisted, and garrison regiments. ¶As in Army Estimates.

33,722; 1898, 38,418; 1899, 40,207; 1900, ordinary recruits, 47,700; S enlistments of all classes, 96,801; 1901, ordinary recruits, 45,157; S enlistments of all classes, 73, 769; 1902, ordinary recruits, 50,753; S enlistments of all classes, 64,116; 1903, ordinary recruits, 40,339; S enlistments of all classes, 41,789.

The total military expenditure for each year since 1896 is as follows:—