HC Deb 30 June 1904 vol 137 c146

To ask the Postmaster-General what action the Department propose to take in regard to the payment of rates in respect of the buildings to be erected on the site of Christ's Hospital, in the parish of Christ's Church, Newgate Street; and whether, seeing that Christ's Hospital: was only liable to pay on a supposed rateable value £2,488 (in virtue of an Act of Parliament, 35 Geo. 3, Clause 26), he will agree to have the question of the rateage of the whole site reconsidered, in view of the commercial value of the premises now to be erected by the Post Office upon it.

(Answered by Mr. Victor Cavendish.) When the Post Office buildings are erected and occupied the property will be valued in the same way as other Government property is valued, and a contribution in lieu of rates will be given on that valuation.