HC Deb 23 June 1904 vol 136 cc1008-10
CAPTAIN D0NELAN (Cork County, E.)

On behalf of my hon. friend the Member for South Donegal, I beg to ask the First Lord of the Treasury whether he will give the Return asked for in the Order Paper this day relating to the revenues and method of government, and administration of Trinity College, Dublin.


I could not promise to give this Return until I have had a full opportunity of communicating with the authorities of Trinity College, but in the Report of the Royal Commission of 1873 there are Returns available. If the hon. Member will put his Question again, I will communicate with the authorities with regard to the revenue.


On what day may I repeat this Question on behalf of my hon. friend?


This day week I shall be pleased to deal with it.

The Return referred to is as follows:— Trinity College, Dublin.—Return of Revenues and Statement of method of government and administration, in the following form:—

  1. (a) A Statement of the Revenues of the College, and of the sources from which they are derived.
  2. (b) As to the Fellows of the College—Their number; method of election; tenure of office; the duties and emoluments of each individual Fellow, and the sources from which those emoluments are derived; how many, and which of them, hold professorships or other offices.
  3. (c) As to the Professors—Their number; method of election; tenure of office; the duties and emoluments of each Professor; whence are these emoluments derived; how many, and which of them hold other collegiate offices.
  4. (d) A Statement of the method of government and administration of the College (distinguishing the duties of the Board and of the Academic Council) and of the number, duties, and salaries of the persons, other than servants, porters, etc., employed in the College.
  5. (e) A Statement giving particulars as to the four professional schools, showing—(1) The number of Professors and Teachers in each school; (2) The emoluments received by each such Professor and Teacher; (3) The fees paid in each school for professional instruction.
  6. (f) A statement giving particulars of the amount and employment of the Fund received as compensation for the Church livings of which the College was deprived in 1869, showing—(1) The original amount of the Fund; (2) The method of investment; (3) The employment of the interest, of the Fund; (4) The present amount of the Fund.
  7. (g) What provision is made for pensioning Fellows and Professors and other persons in the employment 1010 of the College. How many pensions have been granted since 1870. Age, employment, and cause of retirement of persons to whom such pensions have been granted. How many of such persons are now living.