HC Deb 14 July 1904 vol 138 c37
MR. NANNETTI (Dublin, College Green)

I beg to ask the Financial Secretary to the War Office whether he is aware that a temporary civil assistant in the Ordnance Survey Department has been reduced by the sum of 3d. per day by the divisional officer for visiting, without permission, his wife, who was dangerously ill; and whether, under the circumstances, he will take the case into his consideration, and restore to this man his position and pay.

MR. AILWYN FELLOWES (Huntingdonshire, Ramsey)

The case referred to by the hon. Member is, I think, that of a temporary civil assistant at Coolboy, county Donegal, who, whilst on the sick list, absented himself from his station without leave for two days. On being called upon for an explanation he stated that he had been called away to see his wife who was dangerously ill, but although specifically asked to do so, he took no steps, either at the time or subsequently, to produce any statement or certificate from a doctor in support of his statement. The case was, therefore, referred to the executive officer of the Survey at Southampton who ordered the reduction of pay referred to in the Question. In these circumstances the Board see no reason for the reversal of the decision thus given.


If he produces a certificate of his wife's illness, will his case be reconsidered?


Certainly; the whole difficulty arose from the fact that he never sent in any medical certificate. Otherwise he would have received leave as others do.