HC Deb 05 July 1904 vol 137 cc627-30

In the above table no allowance has been made for loss of material involved in the operation of stripping.

  1. (a) These figures represent averages of four samples of Bright Virginia whole leaf as analysed at the Government Laboratory.
  2. (b) Two weeks allowed as a fair average for stripping 100 lbs. of this class of tobacco. The interest is calculated on the £15 of duty paid by importer. Three weeks allowed for depositing analysing stalks, and waiting to receive the rebate thereon. The interest is calculated on the £2 17s. 10d. rebate paid.

will be 3s. 3d., and on a pound of strips produced from imported Bright Virginia leaf by stripping in this country will be approximately 3s. 4d. The appended calculation, together with explanatory notes, shows the grounds on which the estimate is based.

(c) Having regard to the increased quantity of leaf tobacco to be stored, the attendant heavier charges for storage and handling, the additional insurance, licence duty, waste, etc., the sum of ½d. per lb. is a fair one to allow for contingencies.

(d) Calculated thus—

Imported strips.
Average moisture 13.50%
Average sand 2.08%
Total 15.58
Absolutely dry and sandless 84.42
Total 100.00

Virginian leaf consists of—

19.43 of stalks containing moisture 16.95%
80.57 of strips containing moisture=12.55 lbs. moisture 15.58
Total 100.00 15.85%

Average sand found by analysis in Virginian leaf 6.12%.

Average sand found by analysis in Virginian stalk=2.87%.

As the sand naturally adhering to the stalk will receive the rebate of 3s. 1d. per lb., this sand should be deducted thus:—

Sand on 100 lbs. leaf = 6.12
Deduct sand in 19.43 lbs. of stalk = .55
5.57 = sand left in 80.57 lbs. of strips produced in this country or loston stripping.
Total sand and moisture on 80.57 lbs. of strips = 18.12
Dry sandless to bacco = 62.45
Total 80.57

But it has been shown above that 84.42 lbs. of dry sandless tobacco represents 100 lbs. of imported strips.

Therefore 62.45 lbs. of dry sandless tobacco represents 73.97 lbs. of strips.

(e) These 73.97 lbs. of strips contain 2.08% sand the same as imported strips, therefore 2.08% of 73.97 lbs. = 1.53 lbs. This deducted from 5.57 lbs.—the total quantity of sand present in 80.57 lbs. —leaves 4.04 lbs.

(f) o al moisture in 80.57 strips produced in this country = 12.55.
Average moisture imported strips=13.50%and 13.50% of 73.97 of net strips produced. = 9.99
Difference 2.56.