HC Deb 18 April 1904 vol 133 c366
MR. WHITLEY (Halifax)

To ask the Secretary of State for War what is the total amount that has been paid during the Last three years to the London and Birmingham Small Arms Companies for the rifle ranges constructed on their premises; to what Vote have the sums paid been charged; and is the expenditure of capital on private premises subject to any condition as to repayment.

(Answered by Mr. Secretary Arnold-Forster.) The total payments to these two companies for the construction of ranges are:—London Small Arms Company, £3.929 13s. 8d.; Birmingham Small Arms Company, £2,297 10s. 5d.; Total £6,227 4s. 1d. These sums have been charged to a special heading under Army Vote 9 in 1902–3 and 1903–4. The expenditure in question is not repayable, but the War Office has the exclusive use of the two ranges referred to.