HC Deb 25 June 1903 vol 124 c543
MR. KENNEDY (Westmeath, N.)

To ask the hon. Member for North Hunts, as representing the President of the Board of Agriculture, whether he is aware that on the new issue of the inch Ordnance maps the old boundaries of parishes and baronies are omitted, and the boundaries of urban and rural districts have not been put on; and whether, seeing that the omission of those boundaries renders those maps almost useless for the purposes of local authorities in Ireland, he will take steps to have the boundaries of the new rural and urban district councils and county electoral divisions marked in future.

(Answered by Mr. Walter Long.) The boundaries of parishes and baronies were omitted from the new issue of the one-inch Ordnance Survey map in order to avoid confusion with other and more important details, but, on the other hand, a special edition of the map is now issued for the local government purposes, on which the boundaries of rural and urban districts, and also those of counties, district electoral divisions, and county boroughs are shown in red. I shall be glad to send a specimen sheet to the hon. Member. Any question which may arise as to the old boundaries of parishes and baronies could always be settled on reference to the copies of maps of the old edition which are retained by the Ordnance Survey.