HC Deb 16 July 1903 vol 125 c844

To ask the Secretary of State for India, seeing that accounts in the Post Office Savings Bank of India have increased from £145,628 in 1899–1900 to £425,911 in 1901–2, can he state the number of depositor's by whom these accounts are held and the occupations followed by the bulk of the depositors.

(Answered by Secretary Lord George Hamilton.) The hon. Member's figures are incorrect. The balances at the credit of depositors amounted on 31st March 1900, to £6,431,000; on 31st March 1902, to £7,121,000. The classification of the depositors at the latter date, as given in the Report on the Post Office of India, was as follows: Class I. Professional—A. Having fixed income, 233,108; B. Having variable income, 58,130; Class II. Domestic, 151,204; Class III. Commercial, 32,065; Class IV. Agricultural, 12,387; Class V. Industrial, 27,450; Class VI. Indefinite, 352,349, Total, 866,693.