HC Deb 03 August 1903 vol 126 cc1389-91

£8,000, Visit of the President of the French Republic.


thought they had some right to complain of the neglect of the House of Commons in this matter. He wished to know how many tickets were placed at the disposal of the Government for the Opera-house, and why some of the tickets were not placed at the disposal of Members of the House of Commons.


thought the Committee should get more details of the item of £8,000. It was a mistake to put down a lump sum and give absolutely no details as to what the money was spent on. He asked the Secretary to the Treasury to give in round figures particulars of this sum.


said that the accounts had not been absolutely made up, but, roughly, it might be said that for the Office of Works for preparing York House, painting, etc., the sum was £1,800; for the Lord Chamberlain's Department for upholstering £2,300; for the Lord Steward for Buckingham Palace expenses and the Opera-house £2,500; and the Master of Horse £100; troops lining the streets, £1,000.


said it was satisfactory to receive these rough figures subdividing the Vote. He hardly thought the money should have been spent without getting some permanent value for it. Would any portion of this expenditure save similar expenditure in the future?


Anything unexpended will be surrendered to the Exchequer. I do not think I can give any further information.


said he would like to know how many tickets for the opera were placed at the disposal of Members of the House of Commons.

Vote agreed to.

£123,334, Ireland Development Grant.

MR. O'MARA (Kilkenny, S.)

appealed to the Chief Secretary to give a portion of the money to assist in the construction of the railway from Castle comer mine to Kilkenny. That railway would confer permanent benefit on the district through which it ran, and also on the adjoining districts.


said the hon. Member had referred to a project in his own constituency, but he need hardly say that the Irish representatives had all projects in their own districts. He could make out an excellent case for every penny of the money being spent in County Clare. It would not be possible to do much this year, but next year or the year after, when there would be some money to spend, they could consider what should be done with it.

Vote agreed to.