HC Deb 23 October 1902 vol 113 cc593-4
MR. WEIR (Ross and Cromarty)

To ask the Secretary of State for India, seeing that the property belonging to Ramchandra Rao, one of the six sons of Bapu Raghunath, Dewan of Dhar, was confiscated in November, 1857, on account of Ramchandra's alleged complicity in the Mutiny, will ho ascertain what has become of the property belonging to the other sons of Bapu Raghunath, and why the claims of his other descendants, viz., Krishna Rao Raghunath, son of a younger brother of Ramchandra, and Shanka Rao Bhagwant, grandson of another brother of Ramchandra, are not recognised by the Dhar State.

1880. 1901.
Food crop area. Produce of food grains. Food crop area. Produce of food grains.
Acres† Tons. Acres.† Tons.
Madras 26,244 8,897 27,532 10,206
Bombay and Sindh 21,500 4,086 23,223 6,092
Bengal 48,500 17,460 50,596 24,407
N. W. Provinces and Oudh 31,450 11,322 35,912 12,250
Punjab 88,900 5,446 21,316 5,966
Central Provinces 13,000 2,750 14,000 3,000
Lower Burma, Assam, etc. 6,920 4,347 9,850 6,266
Total 166,514 54,308 182,429 68,187
* See(4) Debates, CVII., 1342;CN., 1372. †(The figures are in thousands, 000 omitted.)

counties and poor law unions, of the various districts scheduled as congested in Ireland, in the following form:—

(Answered by Secretary Lord George Hamilton.) I must refer the hon. Member to my previous answers in May and July last to his questions on the subject.*