HC Deb 23 July 1902 vol 111 cc1005-6

To ask the Secretary of State for India whether he has yet received from the Government of India a report in regard to the statement that the Khairpur State's rupee coinage is no longer to be accepted by the Treasury in payment of either land rent, fines, taxes, stamps, or otherwise; and, seeing that this refusal has caused a depreciation of six annas per rupee, will he state whether the Government of India have taken, or propose to take, any action with a view to relieve the people of Khairpur of this loss.

(Answered by Secretary Lord George Hamilton.) I understand that a scheme for the conversion of the local currency of Khairpur is being matured, and that, pending its introduction, the Mir has, on the advice of the Government of India, cancelled his previous orders, and is now willing to receive Chalan rupees for State dues. Until the details of the scheme are before me, I cannot say what loss or depreciation has occurred.